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Tanah Lot Bali

Tanah LotHave you hear Tanah Lot Temple, it is located in Tabanan regency. Western part of Bali. Take about 1 hour from Kuta (depend on Traffic). Sunset time is the best time to go there. The view is very spectacular as result of great location combined with cultural and religious richness. The temple is situated on the rock on the beach. When high tide the temple look like it’s floating on the ocean.
Do not forget to bring your camera as I mentioned above, The view is great. If you plan to visit during day time there you still get the same value except sunset. Good access road and the place is also comfortable for children and senior citizen.
During the sunset, if you guys like to having dinner in there while watching sunset there’s really good view restaurant by the cliff, beach front. and there is a Balinese dance as well starting around 06.00 a clock in the afternoon. Will be really crowded during the sunset time in there, because The tourist will start to come to watch sunset in there.


Discover South Part of Bali


Have you ever heard of Uluwatu?. It is a small village on the southern of Bali. Tourist used to be warned gainst coming to uluwatu, but it is very important places for the local because of the Uluwatu temple situated at the tip of the cliff on the southern edge of the island. Read the remainder of this entry »


Bali Surf Lessons with Christian International School

Christian International School bases in Hongkong recently has sent their student to come to Bali arranged by Bali Group Organizer and in part of their program, we have designed the group surf lessons that was held in Kuta Beach. The group surf lessons program was perfectly designed for the young people with soft and flat swells lead by our professional surf  instructors. This activity was run successes and giving them the fantastic experience from paddling, breaking the waves until standing  up on the board. Since the group participants are big with 36 people including the teachers,we have successfully encouraged them into the exciting water activities that made the one of the most memorable experiences during their visit Bali Island. Read the remainder of this entry »


Sunset In Nyanyi Beach

It is 05.oosunset,nyanyi,beach a clock in the afternoon. Five of us going to Nyanyi beach. And it is nearly close to Tanah Lot Temple. Black sweet sandy beach. And this is the last sunset in Bali for them. We take out the sandals and feel the black sandy beach in Nyanyi Beach. We taking picture as many as we can. We enjoy the sunset and the beautiful red sky. rteading


Melasti Ceremony in Tanah Lot Temple

tanahlot, temple, sea, tourist, attractionToday around 05.00 a clock in the afternoon, in Tanah Lot people dressed in traditional Balinese and bring a variety of temple symbols. They come from the Beraban village. Melasti that what Balinese people saying. Melasti ceremony is to cleanse all the facilities and infrastructure ceremony that will be used for offering. reading


Flower Bud Bungalows Balangan, Bali Surfers Hotel

bali, accomodation, bungalows, resortsFlower Bud Bungalows is an oasis of calm and relaxation, situated next to the white sands and crystal clear waters of Balangan beach, Jimbaran, Bali. In the southern part of Bali on bukit Peninsula, located 30 minutes from the air port.

It has 14 bungalows. our small, family run resort is built in a rustic, organic style with neat bamboo and wood construction. The tropical garden are lush and well taken care of and the whole place has a laid back, unhurried feel. simple, but cute, each bungalows has a front porch where you can chill while feeling the fresh sea breeze. reading


Nyanyi Beach Bali

Nyanyi BeachNyanyi Beach is located at Beraban village, Kediri district, Bali- Indonesia. Nyanyi beach is quite unique beach, Nyanyi Beach ( singing Beach). the terms ‘singing’ refers to the chanting song, or someone who said poetry in a beautiful shape. but it turns out the origins of the naming of the beach is not because there are people who sing and much more, but because of its position in the hamlet just singing. So to make easier to remember this beach them named the same as the name of the hamlet. Black sandy beach, will look shiny when exposed to sunlight touches that make every one feel like at home visiting Likewise, the great waves of foreign tourists often make a hobby of surfing on the beach. more reading