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Bali Island

Bali Island

Bali Surf Advisor is a reliable surf company who providing the excellent services of surf lessons, surf trips, surf camp, other favorite adventures activities, tours/sightseeing including attractive packages.  It will be completely provided the information that you need and make this site as your one stop shopping of activities during your vacation in Bali. Bali Surf Advisor has been found by the young local people who have big talent, strong spirits and professional to give friendly services for you in every your request. We are the people come from hard worker and experienced who will provide you the sustainable best services and satisfaction for every our customer. We are proud to serve you and arrange all your needs during your holidays in the island of god, therefore please feel free to contact our teams.


Surf BoardWe provide the facilities and services of surfing directly in Bali and as we know that surf in Bali is a dream for everyone and we are attending for you to serve and guide you for surfing in the warm seawater of paradise. Our teams are derived from the young people who love these activities we have educated them to perform the best service for you. We able to provide the surfing services for you from learning up to professional and we have also provided the complete information about surf in Bali including best surfing spots.

Our Commitments

Our commitment is providing the best and qualify services to make your vacation are more exciting and memorable one. Quality is something that you will see and service is something that you will feel, Bali Surf Advisor is a tour guide that will perform and provide all your needs. Guest satisfaction is a top point for our achievement and learn by doing is the way to get it all.

Our Surf Guides

Our surf guides are come from the local people who have strong dedication, willingness to learn, energetic and friendly that will outstanding to serve you in every services you need. They have well trained and having experiences that make them ready to serve our clients in every occasion. See more…


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