Bali Surf Spots | Best Surfing Points


Bali Island is a small island strategically located in the tropical area along the Indonesian archipelagos. The island is well known throughout the word as an island in the paradise blessed by the beautiful natures, amazing beaches with white sand stretching along the seashore, the great wave for surfing and its unique cultures. Bali has been well equipped by the complete world-class tourism facilities and make this island as an ideal place to visit for holidays. Bali Surf Advisor provides comprehensive ranges of best surfing points in this island of god and we have selected it for you to give you challenges for surfing in the warm sea wave.

Surfing in Paradise

The famous surfing points in Bali has been able to lure the surfers to take a part of this adventure with a wide selection of the great wave and beautiful beaches. We are proud to provide this information for you and invite you to join the surfing adventures at the best surf points in the island of paradise. These surf points spread across from the east coast to the west of the island and all are situated in south part of Bali Island.

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Intermediate /Experience Surfers

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