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Bali Island is a small beautiful island featured by the many surf spots with amazing panoramic view and great waves. The beaches are very exotic with great sound wave and tropical atmosphere swaps the entire coastal edge that make this island is an ideal place for surf adventures. Bali is a perfect tourist destination in the world offering many attractions includes surf activities and it offers several surf points that you can discover it in south part of the island. Bali is a place to be your first choice of your holiday destination and we invite you to have the fantastic experience of surf in this tropical island.

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Bali Surf Lessons
$35 ONLY

Bali Surf Schools
Learn How to Surf
Standing Theories

Bali Surf Schools is your perfect choice activity on your vacation in this island of paradise. We will encourage you how to learn the surf professionally direct on favorite surf spots. Our surf instructor will give you some of surf theories from the beginning of surf step includes understanding of board, safety, positioning, waves characteristic, gears usage until standing up position. You will completely enjoyable on our surf lessons that will done professionally and friendly services.

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