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Bali Island is a small beautiful island featured by the many surf spots with amazing panoramic view and great waves. The beaches are very exotic with great sound wave and tropical atmosphere swaps the entire coastal edge that make this island is an ideal place for surf adventures. Bali is a perfect tourist destination in the world offering many attractions includes surf activities and it offers several surf points that you can discover it in south part of the island. Bali is a place to be your first choice of your holiday destination and we invite you to have the fantastic experience of surf in this tropical island.

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Lembongan Island Surf Trips

Lembongan Island Surf Trip is a great challenge of surf adventures to slide on fat swell and some barrel at the famous reef with beautiful underwater and coral where most the colorful fishes living. This trip is very impressive to explore the blue sea of Badung Strait departing from Sanur using fast boat and return or having stay for some days at the comfortable accommodations in the tranquility island. Your surf trip is just begun to have a fantastic experience on the clear, blue and warm water. Our professional local surf guide is outstanding offer our best services to keep your comfortable and enjoyable surf adventures to this island. We offer several Lembongan Surf Trip Packages for those of you who have experienced of surf up to professional level that will meet with your time, skill and budget.

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Lembongan Island Sensational

Lembongan Island is a small white stone island and part of Bali province featured by the beautiful white sandy beach along the coastal area, the stunning underwater with colorful coral and fish, coconut trees and peaceful atmosphere. This island is also one of the favorite places to stay in Bali with some accommodations from luxury until low budget are available. Lembongan Island is a perfect island as a cruise destination where there are some cruise activities are held includes traditional village tour, water sport activities, diving, snorkeling and much more.

Lembongan Surf Package

One Day Lembongan Surf Trip Lembongan Surf Trips

Lembongan Surf Trips, One Day TourLembongan Island, One Day Surf TripIt is a fantastic surf day package to bring you the exciting experience of surf adventure at the beautiful underwater and great waves of surf with all level of surf. It will take you a full day trip departing from Sanur Beach using fast boat either boat charter and join public.
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Two Days Lembongan Surf Tripsurf spots, Bali

Lembongan Island Surf Trips, Two Day ToursLembongan Island, Two Day Surf TripsYou will have complete fun surf trip to enjoy 2 days of surf adventure in the most beautiful island with peaceful tropical atmosphere. This package will give you experience to stay in a comfortable accommodation in the tranquility location and far away from bustle.
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Three Days Lembongan Surf Tripsurf spots, Bali

Lembongan Surf Trips, Three Day ToursLembongan Island, Three Day Surf TripsIt is a complete package to experience of surf at Lembongan Island including at Ceningan Island, another small island beside of Lembongan. You will have complete experience of surf adventure at three surf spots to distinguish your experience at other surf spots in Bali Island. More reading….

Lembongan Surf Trips, Bali, Surf Spots

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