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Legian Beach - Bali Kuta Surf Spots

Legian Beach - Bali Kuta Surf Spots

Legian Beach is a famous beach as a tourist place in Bali because of the strategic location which is situated contiguously from Kuta Beach. This beach has the same structure or type with Kuta Beach where it is featured by the long white sandy beach stretch 3 kilometer from Seminyak Beach to Tuban Area, the great wave for surfing, the beautiful panorama and complete public facilities. This beach is become a center of tourist activities in Bali that much visited by tourist from both foreign country and domestic everyday for swimming, recreations, surfing and other activities. Legian Beach is blessed by the spectacular sunset that creates the romantic atmosphere presented to every visitor who being visits this place. The waves are big, sloping and powerful that make it as the fascinations for surfers to conquer the wave and enjoy the surf adventures. The surfers will be made easy to surf at this beach with lots and complete public facilities are available as well as the easy access to reach it.

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Legian Beach Location

Legian Beach, Kuta Bali, Places to StayLegian Beach is located in Legian Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency and Bali province – Indonesia. This beach is has been famous in the world and become the favorite place to visit and stay in Bali. The beach is strategically situated in the center of Bali’s tourism that is completed by the good access to the places of interest in island of god. This beach is close to other surf points such as Airport Reef, Kuta Reef, Kuta Beach and Seminyak Beach that make it as a value added for this beach as a main surf point for surfers on their holidays in Bali Island.

Best Season for Surfing

Dry Season is the best time for surfing at Legian Beach due to the wind flows from the east to the west and create the good wave that is suitable for surfing. This season also best choice for surfing because the seawater feels warm and clean from the rubbish.

Photo Gallery

Legian Beach, Kuta, Bali, Sunset
Legian Beach, Kuta, Bali, Overview
Legian Beach, Kuta, Bali, Umbrella
Legian Beach, Kuta, Bali, Surfer Walk
Legian Beach, Kuta, Bali, Swing
Legian Beach, Kuta, Bali, Down


included, availablePanoramic View
included, availableWhite Sand Beach
not included, not availableBlack Sand Beach
not included, not availableRocky Beach
not included, not availableReef Beach
not included, not availableTwo surfing spots
included, availableMore than two surfing spots
included, availableConsistent wave

not included, not availableFat wave
not included, not availableBarrel wave
included, availablePowerful wave
included, availableLong swell
not included, not available Shore Break
included, availableLeft-Hander
included, availableRight-Hander

Best Surfing Time included, availableLow Tide included, available Middle Tide included, available High Tide

Best Month for Surfing

not included, not availableJanuary
not included, not availableFebruary
not included, not availableMarch
included, availableApril
included, availableMay
included, availableJune
included, availableJuly
included, availableAugust
not included, not availableSeptember
not included, not availableOctober
not included, not availableNovember
not included, not availableDecember

Surfing Spot Criteria

Type of wave : Powerful, variety and consistent
Grade of Wave : 2 level
Difficulty : 2 level
Suitability : Beginner up to professional surfers
Beach type : Sandy
High of wave : 2 - 6 feet
Average size of wave : 1 up to 3 feet

What to Bring?

included, availableSurfing Board
included, availableSurfing Shoes
included, availableSurfing Suit

included, availableChange Clothes
included, availableTowel
included, availableSun Block
included, availableSun Glasses
included, availableMoney for drinks
included, availableHelmet

Public Facilities

included, availableHotel/Accommodation
included, availableRestaurant
included, availableBar
included, availableWarung/Food and Drink Stall
included, availableSouvenir Shop
included, availableSurfing Shop
included, availableParking Area
included, availableLong Chair and Umbrella Rental
not included, not availableLocker
included, availableATM Machine
included, availableToilet
included, availableShower
not included, not availableChanging Room
included, availablePublic Transportation
not included, not availableBoat Transportation

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