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Ubud Monkey Forest | Bali Places of Interest

Ubud Monkey Forest - Bali Places of Interest

Ubud Monkey Forest is a small rain forest located in the center of Ubud Village appointed as a tourist destination where this forest is dwelt by three groups of monkeys. Ubud Monkey Forest in Balinese word called by Wenara Wana is situated 1 km from the center of Ubud government residing in the Padang Tegal Custom Village. It is featured by the good access that can be reached by any vehicles from any directions. Nowadays, this monkey forest is one of the tourist objects for tourists who visit Ubud the favorite tours in Bali, Ubud Village Tour.

Ubud Monkey Forest, Monyet, Ubud, Bali, Places to Visit

Monkey Populations

Ubud Monkey Forest, Ubud, BaliUbud Monkey Forest is dwelt by more than 200 monkeys belonging to long tailed monkey group in Latin language called macaques or Macaca fascicularis that has the wide distribution area. Among the number of monkeys, there are around 23 adult male monkeys, 79 adult female and more than 98 were children. All monkeys in the forest are consisted of 3 groups that occupying a certain area and use the certain place including the certain time as well. When two groups are existing in one place at the same time, hence the fight is difficult to be avoided. Those monkeys are believed by the local societies as the holy monkeys that keep the temple and forest from the bad influences.

Surrounding Area

There are three holy temples existing in this forest where all of those are predicted built in 14 century, in the beginning of Gelgel Dynasty. Dalem Agung Temple is located southwest of this forest become a main temple beside of the other two temples includes Pemandian Suci and Prajapati Temple. The other side, there are plenty of souvenir shops sell the variety of Balinese local souvenirs for tourists, the restaurants are not far from this forest and other tourist destinations such as Ubud Palace, Puri Lukisan Painting Museum, ARMA Painting Museum, Neka Painting Museum, Gua Gajah etc.

Photo Gallery

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Ubud, Monkey Forest, Bali, Place, Interest, Overview
Ubud, Monkey Forest, Bali, Place, Interest, Hindu, Temple
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