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Ubud Art Market| Bali Places to Visit

Ubud Art Market - Bali Places to Visit

Ubud Village is formerly a traditional village as a center of economy for local community and a center of government in the era of kingdom. There is a traditional market available in this village selling the daily local community needs which mostly crowded in the morning. The existence of this traditional market is still preserved in spite of the modern of life and tourism development that make Ubud Village as tourist place including tourist destination in Bali. In the development of tourism in Bali, the Ubud communities able to provide the traditional art market to facilitate the visitors to discover many attractively design of handicrafts that can be brought home.

Ubud Art Market, Ubud, Bali, Village, Souvenir

The Existence of Market

Ubud, Art Market, Traditional, BaliThere is no much different from other markets located in urban areas, Ubud traditional market as the economic center located in the hearth of Ubud Village, apposite to Puri Saren/Ubud Palace. The market stretch from the west to the east is divided into two groups with a different designation. The western block is designated for traditional art market meanwhile the eastern block is designated for a traditional market sell daily basic needs. The market is opened every day around 08.00 – 18.00 hours, event some shops are opened until evening. While the traditional market sell the daily basic needs is opened from 06.00 and even before the opening time, there is early morning market opened at 04.00 am. The souvenirs or handicrafts are sold at the traditional art market are consisted of multifarious of contemporary handicrafts with relatively cheapest prices.

Tourist Destination

Ubud Art Market has been appointed as a tourist destination in Bali that is many visited by tourists every day. It is located in the center of tourist attraction in Ubud and also in the area of tourist desitnations, so this market is very close with other famous tourist destinations such as Ubud Monkey Forest, Goa Gajah, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Painting Museum and Ubud Palace.

Ubud, Bali, Art, Market, Souvenirs

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