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Subak Museum | Bali Agricultures – Irrigation System

Subak Museum, Bali Irrigation System

Subak Museum is located at Sangulan village at Kediri destrict , Tabanan regency and right located 20 km to the west site of Denpasar city.This village is chosen  as place for Subak museum based on consideration of Rijasa Subak at Tabanan regency in year 1979 has ever been appointed as the National winner of agriculture intensification program that lifting the Bali’s name in the national level. Second, Tabanan regency has the largest rice field in Bali Island that make this regency is well known as granary of Bali. Third consideration is Tabanan regency own the most Subak organization available compared other regency. This museum is one of the alternative place to visit on Tanah Lot tours or Bali west national part tour.

Subak Museum, Bali, Tabanan, Places to Visit

Subak Museum Building

Subak Museum, BaliThe building of Subak Museum is inspirited by the Balinese culture lovers to maintain Subak as an local culture asset that succeed to develop and increase the agriculture products as specially rice and traditional irrigation system . Subak irrigation system is very famous in the world because own irrigation system like Fhai in Thailand and Zangera, meanwhile in Philippine it known as Gaung or ever the specification is not equal like in Bali. Now Subak has been appointed as a world heritage by UNESCO.

Traditional Sophisticated Irrigation System

Subak is a farmer organization to get the water irrigation from water resource, pointing out togetherness, fairness, and justice to increase the prosperity among members. Each organization own  Dugul Tempel ( to worship Sri Goodness, the God manifestation as a fertility Goodness). This organization also has a freedom to organize their organization it self as well as related to outside organization. The collections of this museum are the items and tools from the farmer. These item are arranged from the tool that is used on the beginning of agriculture process, making the irrigation tool, landscape maintenance , trees maintenance, harvesters, making rice and some kitchen ware.

Photo Gallery

Subak, Bali, Museum
Subak Museum View
Subak, Bali, Museum, Farmer Tools
Farmer Tools
Subak, Bali, Museum, Balinese Compound Miniature
Bali House Miniature

Balinese Kitchen

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