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Sakenan Temple - Serangan Island Bali

Sakenan Temple is a Hindu temple set in northwest part of Serangan Village or south of Denpasar District, Badung Regency and Bali Province. It is about 10 km southern side of Denpasar City that can be reached by any vehicle easily. From Sakenan Temple, we can see the beautiful panorama of sea, rows of hills and Nusa Dua Beach that is located in south of this temple. From the costal side of Serangan Island, it is clearly seen Tanjung Benoa Village with beautiful white sandy beach and marine sport activities on the day time. This temple has been appointed as one of the tourist destinations in Bali where the historical and uniqueness of this temple as the attractions for tourist to visit. There is a famous surf spot available at this island and close to the temple as well that is called by Serangan Beach.

Sakenan Temple, Denpasar, Bali

The Structure and History of Sakenan Temple

Sakenan Temple consisted of 2 (two) temple groups as follows:
  1. Sakenan Temple, Sakenan Temple complex that is located in the east
  2. Dalem Sakenan Temple, Sakenan Temple complex located in the west

Based on the Lontar (Papyrus Leaf) of Dwijendra Tattwa, Sakenan’s name is come from the word of Sakya which means it can integrate the mind directly. Those Lontars describes that on the northwest edge of Serangan Island, Danghyang Nirartha (The Hindu holy priest spread out the Hinduism in Bali) stunned and feel the beautify of natures with the beautiful calm seawater. Therefore he had stayed there and done yoga, worship to the glory of god for the safety and prosperity. At the time of doing yoga, he able to unify his mind or Sakya, therefore he built the altar called Sakenan Temple.

Fuction of Sakenan Temple

Sakenan Temple, Bali, Denpasar CitySakenan Temple function was implicit in some sources such as:
  1. Usana Bali, it explained about the temple establishment that is called by Bhatara Ring Sakenan. Base on those descriptions, Sakenan Temple function is worshiping the Lord which is one of the aspects of god manifestation who was worshiped as Ista Dewata.
  2. Dwijendra Tattwa mentioned that when Danghyang Nirartha doing Yoga at Sakenan Temple, he able to unify his mind or Sakya, he has felt that there is the secret power to pray for god to invoke the safety and prosperity.
  3. The local tradition considers that the aspect of god manifestation worshipped at Sakenan Temple is Bhatara Rambut Sakenan (Rambut Sakenan Lord) or Bathara Rambut Sedana to evoke the prosperity and welfare.

Temple Ceremony

Temple ceremony held in this temple is every 6 month (210 days) based on Balinese calendar, precisely held on Saturday Kliwon or Kunigan Day. The temple ceremony procession is held within 3 days and the main procession is called Mapag Sakenan Ceremony that is held on the second day or Sunday Umanis Langkir.

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