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Kuta Beach | Famous Bali Tourist Places

Kuta Beach - Famous Bali Tourist Places

Kuta is the most famous tourist places in Bali and often used as an icon of Bali’s tourism with the beautiful white sandy beach stretch 3 kilometer from Tuban to Seminyak Area. Kuta is the world’s class tourist place completed by the luxury tourism facilities such as international bars and restaurants, shopping centers and boutique shops including the best bargaining shops, plenty of luxury hotels from budget to luxury hotels and those are all easily discovered in this area. Travelers are very pampered by hilarious nightlife and plenty of public transportation hence Kuta is a really paradise for tourists that can be found in the tropical area. In every late afternoon, the spectacular sunset is a bless for every visitor to enjoy the romantic ambiance with comfortable sea breeze to make every holiday is memorable one.

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Story of Kuta

Kuta, Bali, BeachThree hundred years ago had been built a monastery at the edge of 'Tukad Mati' (Dead River) where the river formerly can be navigable by boat. The boat can easily enter to inside of Kuta Village so that Kuta formerly as a trade port. Mads Longe is a foreign merchant who had been to Kuta at that time and he often as a mediator between the kings in Bali and Dutch. Mads Longe died under mysterious circumstance and his grave is located next to monastery, at the edge of death river. Formerly Kuta is quite fisherman village but nowadays has totally changed into a glorious of tourist place completed by world class tourist facilities as well as other public facilities such as post office, police station, market, pharmacies, photo center, and shops.


Kuta is located 11 kilometer south of Denpasar City that can be easily reached using public transportation from Tegal Station about 15 – 30 minutes.  Kuta is the fastest growth of tourism area in Bali and become a paradise for every tourist who visits this island.  Kuta is a perfect place to meet every guest needs such as long white sandy beach, bars and restaurants, café, pubs and other that make every night hilariously. A long the road, the various of shops display the variety of tourist needs such as fashions, souvenirs, CD or DVD rentals, flight ticket counter etc.

Photo Gallery

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Kuta Beach, Bali, Panorama
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