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Kusamba Beach - Klungkung Bali

Kusamba Beach is a beautiful black sandy beach situated at Kusamba, east part of Bali Island and just 45 minutes drive from Denpasar City or 20 minutes from Semarapura Town.  The beach is featured by the beautiful panorama of Indian Ocean with Nusa Penida Island just across of this beach. The local people who live in this area are mostly as fisherman and some of them as farmers who produce copra. It is blessed by the breathtaking view with black sandy beach stretch 3 km.

Kusamba Beach, Bali, Klungkung, Goa Lawah, Places of Interest

Traditional Salt Making

The unique thing can be discover at this point is salt making. The salts are produced traditionally by the local people using primitive tools from taking the seawater, sand leveling tool, water filtration equipments and salt drying equipments. The salts produced at this place are very good quality salts with the grains of salt coarse texture and high iodine containing that are good for health.

Kusamba Beach, Bali, Klungkung, Goa Lawah, Places of Interest, Salt Making

Kusamba Name

The name of Kusamba is actually inseparable from the history of the Balinese people struggle against Dutch soldier. At the time of the war against Dutch in Kusamba on 23 – 24 May 1849, the bravely Balinese heroes have made the frightened to the Dutch soldiers by killing the important person in their squad, Lieutenant General Michiel.

Community Life

In addition to go to the sea and maintaining shrimp seed, the fisherman also deliver daily commodity to Nusa Penida Island twice a day includes nuts, fruits, rice etc. the fisherman from Kusamba with their big boat and 5 crews able to deliver the items up to 1,5 tons to Nusa Penida Island. Beside of that, it can also reach Nusa Lembongan, a small island close to Nusa Penida. They can use the embarkation from Banjar Tri Buana , Banjar Bias Beach and Kampung Islam Beach by taking 30 minutes until 2 hours depends on the type and speed of boats.

Photo Gallery

Kusamba, Bali, Beach, Sand Collection
Collecting Sand
Kusamba, Bali, Beach, Salt Drying
Salt Drying
Kusamba, Bali, Beach, Salt Making, Sprinkle Water
Sprinkle Water
Kusamba, Bali, Beach, Copra
Copra Production
Kusamba, Bali, Beach, Traditional Boat
Traditional Boat
Kusamba, Bali, Beach, Traditional Hut
Traditional Hut
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