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Bali Coffee Plantations | Kintamani Offers Loak Coffee

Bali Coffee Plantations - Kintamani

Bali Coffee Plantation is one of the new tourist attractions in Bali usually situated in the mountain  area. The local Balinese farmers are very creative to plant variety of coffees but two species coffees that mostly planted in this island includes Robusta and Arabica. The farmers are stepping into a new idea to create their coffee plantation as a tourist attraction where you may visit it with some coffee for free testing. The famous and the expensive coffee are fastest growth in this island is called by Luwak Coffee, coffee produced from the fermentation process that take civet coffee bean and then remove through the anus.

Bali Coffee, Kintamani, Luwak


Bali, Coffee, Luwak, Robusta, Arabica

Bali Coffee, Luwak Coffee

Bali Coffee, Luwak Coffee

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