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Batur Lake

Batur Lake is a beautiful lake located in Bangli district where it is the largest lakes in Bali Island with panoramic view from the top hill village of Kintamani. It is a base of Caldera in the east and south east of Batur Mount which is resembles a crescent shape, with length approximately 7.5 km, width less than 2,5 km. The width of the lake water is about 16 km and it is set on 1031m above sea level with an estimated water depth of 70 m and contains the water above 815,38 million cubic meter. As to the other lakes in Bali such as Buyan and Tamblingan Lake, Batur Lake is also able to be enjoyed from the high place for example from Penelokan, so it looks very beautiful from a distance.

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Batur People

Batur Lake, Kintamani Volcano, Mount BaturThe villagers are located at the edge of Batur Lake in the present era include Songan village, Trunyan, Abang, Buahan, and Kedisan. Trunyan village is one of the areas of Wingkang Ranu village that is most visited by tourist from domestic either foreign tourist because of Its unique  tradition and uniqueness in the burial of the body system.

Batur Lake Function

Hindu society has been functioning Mount and Lake Batur as a holy place because in the religious literatures such as the Usanga Bali, Raja Purana Ulundanu Batur and Padma Buana that Batur Mount and Lake is expressed as 'Linggih or Sthana (place) of Betarsi Dewi Danuh ( Danu Goddess ) or Betari Ulun Danu' as a power manifestation of the God Vishnu. It is also prevalent in the Lontar (palm leaves) named Sang Hyang Girinata and Sang Hyang Giriputri.

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