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Watukaru Temple

Watukaru Temple (Pura Luhur Watukaru) is a secret temple set in the middle of rain forest right on the foot of Batukaru Mount, Wangaya Gede Village, Penebel District and Tabanan Regency. It is just 42 km from Denpasar City with good access until the temple area that can be reached by any vehicles. Watukaru Temple is one of the biggest temples in Bali Island with temple status of Winakaya Temple (Sad Kahyangan), Catur Lokapala Temple, Padma Bhuana Temple and Kahyangan Jagat Temple in Bali.

Batukaru Temple, Tabanan, Bali, Tourist, Places to Visit

Temple History

Watukaru Temple, Tabanan, BaliThe history of Watukaru Temple is difficult established although there are the ancient relics found in this temple includes multiple profile area and the spears with Bali Kuni type, however there is no found the written data. In the effort of studies and research of this temple history, it was still difficult to be established. The written data means that the data had been written with the authentic data about this temple like Lingga and Tambra inscription. The only one written data used as a source state the history of Watukaru Temple is Ripta Inscription that are many found in Bali Island stating the existence of history about this temple although some people who expert on the history think logically or think based on the system, research and analytics those usually used for research in common sociology.

Temple Ceremony

In term of temple ceremonies, the Balinese Hindu must start the worship from Beji Temple and then continued to main temple right in front of main temple building called by Tepasana. So the Hindu people will not necessary to clean up their hand and gargle by holy water because they have done the purification at Beji Temple. It is one of the unique worship styles at Batukaru Temple. The temple ceremony is held on every Galungan Day (Wednesday) by extending the ceremony within 3 days.

Temple Structure

The temple structure if Batukaru Temple is equal with the other temple building structures in Bali that is consisted of three temple areas includes outside temple area (Nista Mandala), middle temple area (Madya Mandala) and main temple area (Utama Mandala). In the development of this temple, nowadays this temple has been well maintained and designed especially outside temple area where we can see the public facilities has been built includes toilets, hall for multipurpose and parking area those are the facilities for every Hindu people who conduct the worship as well tourists who visit this temple.

Photo Gallery

Watukaru, Batukaru, Temple, Bali
Entrance Gate
Watukaru, Batukaru, Temple, Bali, Ceremony
Watukaru, Batukaru, Temple, Bali, Holy Water
Holy Water
Watukaru, Batukaru, Temple, Bali, Floating Temple
Temple on Lake
Watukaru, Batukaru, Temple, Bali, Main Area
Main Temple
Watukaru, Batukaru, Temple, Bali, building
Temple Building
Watukaru, Batukaru, Temple, Bali, Middle Area
Middle Temple Area
Watukaru, Batukaru, Temple, Bali
Rain Forest
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