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Bajra Sandhi
Balinese Struggle Monument

Bajra Sandhi is a monument to commemorate the Balinese struggle against Dutch colonialism that is replicated in a beautiful and artistic building designed by Balinese architecture in form of Bajra (bell) which is usually used by Hindu’s priest chanting the Vedic  (Mantra) in every religious ceremony. This monument was built in 1987 that is inaugurated by the President of Indonesia at that time, Mrs. Megawati Soekarno Putri on June 14, 2003. The purpose of monument is to devote the soul and spirit of Balinese people struggle as well as digging, maintain, develop and preserve the Balinese cultures to bequeath to future generations as a capital move forward and tread the world that is filled by challenges and obstacles.

Bajra Sandhi, Denpasar City, Bali Island, Monument

Bajra Sandhi Location

Bajra Sandhi Monument, Denpasar BaliBajra Sandhi Monument is located in the center of Denpasar City right in front of Bali’s Governor Office. It is situated in Renon Village, Denpasar District those easily accessed from any directions and close with other famous tourist destination in Denpasar such as Badung Traditional Market, Jagatnatha Temple, Bali Art Center, Bali Museum and Sanur Beach.

Monument Review

This monument contains 33 dioramas describing the history of the prehistoric (300,000 BC) that the humans are still moving and highly depends on the nature until the independence era (1950 – 1975)where the development of Bali are covering all aspects such as political, economic and social cultures. After knowing and understanding the course of history, soul and spirit of Balinese people struggle from time to time can be expected to strengthen the culture identity and more over the tourism in Bali was developed as a Culture Tourism so as not eroded by globalization forces. During its development, Bajra Sandhi becomes more famous and established as tourist destination in Denpasar Bali and many visited by tourist every day.

Philosophy of Monument Building

The appearance of building physical is steeped in the meaning of Hindu religion’s philosophy, Lingga Yoni. The monument itself is a symbol of Lingga, meanwhile base of the building as Yoni. In addition to the Lingga Yoni, it was listed also in the playback story of Mahagiri at Ksirarnawa that had been taken from Adi Parwa, an old manuscript in Bali. From monument building we can see:


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