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Bali Art Center - Taman Budaya

Taman Budaya (Bali Culture Park) or more famous called by Bali Art Center is a vast complex of building with the best style of traditional Balinese architecture. The layout of buildings from both amphitheater and performance venues including the additional buildings are symbolizing the story of the Giri Mandara Mount Screening on the sea milk that splashing Amerta, the holy water for eternal life accordance with the dynamic nature of cultures and sustainability as long as the people are still living on this planet. The amphitheater can accommodate the audience up to 6000 people for colossal shows from both traditional and modern.

Bali Art Center, Denpasar City, Places of interest

Parade of Art

Bali Art Festival, CulturesTaman Budaya Complex or Bali Art Center Complex has been opened in 1973 to create the Art Festival tradition which is popular called by Bali Art Festival held in full mount every year enlivened by traditional dances, handicrafts exhibition and other culture activities. There are also the commercial transactions on this exhibition that the visitor can buy the any handicraft to bring home. On the opening ceremony, the events are enlivened by the art parade started from Puputan Badung Square and finish at Bali Art Center. This parade is followed by all regencies and cities in Bali by sending their art teams. Event this event is also followed by other provinces in Indonesia and also from other countries such as Japan and Korea. This art parade is featured by the several of art forms ranging from the secret, traditional until the contemporary. There are also the wedding dresses and traditional costumes of each region, music instruments or gamelan, the form of offerings, the new creation of arts and others.

The Purpose of Bali Art Center

Surely this event is not Tourist Event where the visitors and viewers are mostly come from Bali but tourists are welcome to watch it. The main purpose of this event is referring to the idea of Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra (He served during Bali’s Governor) to preserve and stimulate the art creativities from the artist in Bali to continue their support for dynamic of art developments and sustainability to preserve the identity traits in the middle of global influences brought by tourists.

Tourist Destination

Bali Art Center now is opened for public where everyone including tourist are allowed to visit this place and the government of Denpasar City has appointed this place as one of tourist destinations in Bali. This place is strategically located in the center of Denpasar City which is easily founded and close with other places of interest in this city such as Badung Traditional Market, Jaganatha Temple, Bali Museum and Bajra Sandhi Monument.

Photo Gallery

Bali Art Center, Denpasar
Theatre Room
Bali Art Center, Entrance Gate
Entrance Gate
Bali Art Center, Denpasar City, Bali, Courtyard
Bali Art Center, Culture, Dance Lesson
Dance Lesson

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