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Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

Alas Kedaton is a small rain forest with 12 hectares size of land located in Marga district, Tabanan Regency, west part of Bali Island. This forest is dwelt by the group of monkeys where there is a secret Hindu temple residing in this forest surrounded by the pure natures and fresh atmosphere that create more secret and serenity. This forest is now opened for public where it was appointed as a tourist destination in Tabanan Regency and to be a part of places to visit on Tanah Lot Tour or also able to be combined with other tour arrangements includes Bedugul Tour and Batukaru Temple Tour.  

Alas Kedaton, Bali, Monkey Forest, Places of Interest

The Monkeys's Habitat

Alas Kedaton, Bali, Monkey ForestIn the southeast of this forest, there is a small flat land which is believed as a grave of monkeys. This flat land had been researched by Denpasar Archeological Department in 1979 together with the students from Udayana University but never found monkey carcasses in the ground. The monkeys in Alas Kedaton are the tame monkeys and roaming free in the temple courtyard hence sometime break the serenity ambiance of forest cause of it voices, jumping through the wall even the temple roof, bathing at ditch water or hanging in the trees that make the interesting to see. Those monkeys are looking keep the temple that always ready to welcome every visitor to visit this forest.

Group of Monkeys

The monkeys living in Alas Kedaton are included in Macaca Fascicularis clan that most monkeys living in other forest in Bali too. We can also find the big baths (Pteropus vampyrus) are living in this forest and 24 types of trees identified include Dau, Mahogany, Adeng, Salam and Klampuak. The leaf of Dau, Salam and Klampuak trees are the food of monkeys.


Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest is located in Kukuh Village, Marga District and Tabanan Regency. The trip to this site can be easily done by any vehicles by following the main road from Denpasar to Tabanan and when arriving at Kedir Town, you just follow the road to the Marga direction which is just 5 km from this town until you find the signboard of this forest. From the main road, the visitor must take the road within 300 meter to the east until arriving at this forest.

Photo Gallery

Alas Kedaton, Bali, Tabanan, Monkey Forest, Temple
Alas Kedaton, Bali, Tabanan, Monkey Forest
Rain Forest
Alas Kedaton, Bali, Tabanan, Monkey Forest, Cute Monkeys
Cute Monkeys
Alas Kedaton, Bali, Tabanan, Bath

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