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Air Sanih, Public Natural Pool at North Part of Bali

Air Sanih is a public natural pool situated in Singaraja Regency, north part of Bali Island. This pool is naturally made cause of big spring come out from the land and formerly used as a water resources for daily life supply by the local communities who leaving surrounding area. This pool is strategically located beside of the main road from Karangasem to Singaraja and naturally designed with river stone tile on bottom of the pool. It is well featured by the fresh water supply from the ground and flow over to the sea. It is one of the favorite places to visit by local people who want to swim in the natural pool with tropical plantation surround it.

Air Sanih, Bali Places to Visit

Fresh Spring in Tropical Island

Air Sanih is one of the natural pools available in Bali Island supplied by the fresh spring water from the ground. There are many places in this island supplied by the fresh water but only 2 places offer the fresh water with swimming pool those are Air Sanih and Tirta Gangga Water Park. Meanwhile the other places are supplied by the fresh water in form of traditional shower and most of them are secret for Hindu ritual like Tirtha Empul Temple located in Tampak Siring. When you traveling to the north part of Bali, you may have the opportunities to enjoy the pool with fresh water and surrounded by the tropical atmosphere.

Photo Gallery

Air Sanih Children Pool
Children Pool
Air Sanih Bali Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple
Air Sanih, Bali Public Pool
Public Pool
Air Sanih Water Flow to the Sea
Water Flow
Air Sanih Bali, Small River
Small River
Air Sanih Bali, Washing Clothe
Washing Clothes
Air Sanih Beach Bali
Air Sanih Bali, Local Tourist
Local Tourists

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