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Bali Ceremony

20140611_091341  when we have big ceremony in one temple of Bali, We use to make “Gebogan”. Gebogan is a composition with fruit, cake, roasted chicken flower and coconut leaves.
     Hindu adherents (Balinese Community) do not miss to include visualization of upward looking roasted chicken within zest to glorify visualization of the Gebogan as one ritual implements of religious traits in this Island of Gods. Growing up to three meters, it would not quite easy to instal gebogan, especially for those people not yet acquainted with the job. Skill and experience would be a needy prerequisite for such workers, Who could not even neglect the importance played by the role of aeshetic character. Such deployment of personal capabilities has been a prerequisite in realizing a complex process of making a gebogan implement.

  Such complexity of work of producing gebogan could clarify why the job deployment needs female fingers in general to express not merely spiritual quality in the work but also to herald its ethics, aesthetics, grounded philosophy, as it has been represented Desa Adat traditional village in Bali, includes the vilage supporters. Village having affluent crop of fruits or flowers would have dominant show of fruits or flowers of all sorts, etc.


Most visitors are not aware that the real Ubud

Bali, Farmer  Have you ever wonder what else to do in Bali, besides soaking up the beach and the sun? Bali has a smorgasbord of activities to offer, from various water sport to land activities from the easy going to the extreme.  Most visitors are not aware that the real Ubud lies under the surface. There are plenty of interesting things to see on the main streets, but most of the magic is hidden away in the backstreets, backwaters and courtyards. Exploring the area on foot is a must in order to get under its skin. Cut a path through the sprawling rice fields and enjoy home-cooked meal in a traditional Balinese house. if you get lucky don’t pass up the opportunity to witness a temple ceremony. Visitors who stay in Ubud for just a day or two stand little change of fully immersing in the Ubud experience.



Bali Ceremony

Ceremony Offerings   Bali is well-known as a hub for Hindu religion, culture and teachings. yet here in this remote   Brahman hamlet, in the shadow of Mount Agung, the island’s holiest Mountain. Budhakeling is home to devout Buddhists. Surrounded by verdant paddy fields, the people live in peaceful harmony. Their high priests are  sought after across the island, and are afforded the privilage of sitting with the Siwa (shivaite) priests to officiate at importants ceremonies.

Their ritual are complex, their paraphernalia impressive, their noble  work esteemed. Budhism and Shiva-Hinduism are a duality. They co-exist in harmony – two sides of the same coin. In Budhakeling, even the offerings are different from balinese culture. It is a village of peace, where it seems never a harsh word spoken.

Balinese Hinduism is quite unique, incorporating elements of animism, ancestor worship, Buddhism and Hinduism, with roots that date back over 4000 years.

Indian trading ships brought the first hindu and Buddhist priests to Java ( and then to Bali) around 500 AD. Kingdom were established, as were centres of learning; and as Islam gained prevalance in Java, the Hindu nobles courtriest and artists retread to Bali, Gradually merging with the animist, ancestor worshippers, known as the Bali Aga, the original people of Bali

By a long and untold route, Brahmans gravitated to this holy spot and today the Budhakeling is populated with rice farmers, silver and goldsmiths and the Buddhist priest. It is the only Brahma Buddha village in Bali.

this Odalan Temple ceremony is in the Pura Dalem Budhakeling, quite unlike a ceremony anywhere else.


Melasti Ceremony in Tanah Lot Temple

tanahlot, temple, sea, tourist, attractionToday around 05.00 a clock in the afternoon, in Tanah Lot people dressed in traditional Balinese and bring a variety of temple symbols. They come from the Beraban village. Melasti that what Balinese people saying. Melasti ceremony is to cleanse all the facilities and infrastructure ceremony that will be used for offering. reading