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Bali Ceremony

Posted June 11, 2014 By balisurfadvisor@gmail.com

20140611_091341  when we have big ceremony in one temple of Bali, We use to make “Gebogan”. Gebogan is a composition with fruit, cake, roasted chicken flower and coconut leaves.
     Hindu adherents (Balinese Community) do not miss to include visualization of upward looking roasted chicken within zest to glorify visualization of the Gebogan as one ritual implements of religious traits in this Island of Gods. Growing up to three meters, it would not quite easy to instal gebogan, especially for those people not yet acquainted with the job. Skill and experience would be a needy prerequisite for such workers, Who could not even neglect the importance played by the role of aeshetic character. Such deployment of personal capabilities has been a prerequisite in realizing a complex process of making a gebogan implement.

  Such complexity of work of producing gebogan could clarify why the job deployment needs female fingers in general to express not merely spiritual quality in the work but also to herald its ethics, aesthetics, grounded philosophy, as it has been represented Desa Adat traditional village in Bali, includes the vilage supporters. Village having affluent crop of fruits or flowers would have dominant show of fruits or flowers of all sorts, etc.


Tanah Lot Bali

Posted June 9, 2014 By balisurfadvisor@gmail.com

Tanah LotHave you hear Tanah Lot Temple, it is located in Tabanan regency. Western part of Bali. Take about 1 hour from Kuta (depend on Traffic). Sunset time is the best time to go there. The view is very spectacular as result of great location combined with cultural and religious richness. The temple is situated on the rock on the beach. When high tide the temple look like it’s floating on the ocean.
Do not forget to bring your camera as I mentioned above, The view is great. If you plan to visit during day time there you still get the same value except sunset. Good access road and the place is also comfortable for children and senior citizen.
During the sunset, if you guys like to having dinner in there while watching sunset there’s really good view restaurant by the cliff, beach front. and there is a Balinese dance as well starting around 06.00 a clock in the afternoon. Will be really crowded during the sunset time in there, because The tourist will start to come to watch sunset in there.


Bali Pulina In tegalalang

Posted June 7, 2014 By balisurfadvisor@gmail.com

If you want to see how Luwak Coffee was made, After Tegalalang rice terrace there is a agroculture tourism call Bali Pulina. Don’t have to worried even on raining day, because they provide umbrella as well, no entrance fee, A friendly guide will greeting you, then took you around and explain the types of plants that they cultivated onsite which included : Turmeric, cloves, cocoa plants, and among others. They will explain you as well the process of selecting the arrabica beans that had been passed out by the civet cats and the way they dried it and sived it to be packed. All the guides spoke good english and it was easy to interact and to ask them questions.

Once you done with that then continue to coffee tasting area which overlooked the terraced rice fields. This was most awesome sight. They had solid table wood, and benches all laid out for guest to sample the teas and coffees that were sold there. will lay out 8 small cup of teas and coffees. If you like to try the luwak coffee there is a charge of 50.000 rupiah which is reasonable. All the different varieties off coffee were special. And how about free corn chips to go with coffee!. How it sound?.

This is indeed a great educational place to visit if you happen to be in Tegalalang to view the terraced rice fields. They will not harassed you to buy his product and you are free to linger as long as you want to soak up the experience. Do not forget to to pack some mosquito repellant as the area is filled with trees and bushes.


Great Day Today

Posted June 6, 2014 By balisurfadvisor@gmail.com

My Surf Spot

when I wake up in the morning, stretching my leg, and say good morning Bali. I look out by the window, bit cloudy on the north of Bali and no wind at all. Then grab my cell phone to check the tide and swell for today. it says mid tide, 2 feet swell. Mean perfect time to go to surf now. I call my friend to go to surf in our surf spot in Tanah Lot. Without wash my face and brush my teeth, I take my surf boards and my scooter key then go to the beach is take about 5 minutes from my house. Once I arrive in surf spot, my friend already in there wait for me. before I am get wet, I grab my cellphone. take a picture of my surf spot and my friend. What a great day today. Glassy water, 2 feet swell, and blue sky, before I am get wet, I grab my cellphone. take a picture of my surf spot and my friend.We surf For two hours, having fun with da boys. and we done about 09.30 in the morning. Going home, get shower, grab my laptop and share my happy live to the world. When ever you come to Bali for surfing. You will have a great day as well.


Tanah Lot Surf Spot

Posted June 4, 2014 By balisurfadvisor@gmail.com

Tanah Lot Surf SpotTanah Lot Surf spot is located in Tanah lot temple. Its a semi beach which is sandy and reef. powerfull, and fun waves in here. To get wet you can jump from the cliff and just walk down to the beach. in Here you don’t have to paddle hard, because the current will take you in and exactly on the right spot. Left-hander and mid tide is the best time to surf in here, or early in the morning is good as well to avoid the wind. On water you guys not the only waves you can enjoy, but the view as well. this surf spot located in between cliff. Sea urchin?, yes there is a lot of sea urchin and sharp corral. so please be very careful whenever you surfing here. Local people use to surf in here. If you surf in here, just ask the local about the beach character, they will explain to you with smile. Please respect them and they will respect you as well.


Canggu Surf Lessons

Posted June 3, 2014 By balisurfadvisor@gmail.com

Canggu Beach

Today our client from California USA, They stay in one of 5* hotel in Bali. Close to my house. I meet him yesterday, and asking me for surfing this morning. Then I take him to the one of best surf spot in Bali. Canggu beach, located in west coast of Bali. Fat mellow wave, that really suitable for totally beginner. Arrive in Canggu, we check the tide and swell, everything is look perfect.Low to high tide, bit coral look up, but no worries, the beach is safe enough for beginner. Then we prepare our self to get wet. before they go to water we tell them beach character, current, spot, etc etc. Then we coach them on sand first, how to stand up, board character, rule and regulation. Warming up?. Of course!!. Today we did private coaching, it mean 1 coach 1 student.


My lovely Secret Spot

Posted June 1, 2014 By balisurfadvisor@gmail.com

SurferMy lovely surf spot today is really great, over head swell, barreling and not so consistent waves. There three spot, left and right hander. When everywhere in Bali is Flat this is the best place to go to surf. Less crowded guarantee, not so many people know this spot, But if you go with local easily they will take you there. low to mid tide is the best time to surf in there, reef break, and a lot of sea urchin, i recommend to use a boatis if you surf in there. good for intermediate up to professional surfer. please bring your water, cause no warung or restaurant in there. this place look isolated from tourist area but actually not. quite place and much fun,. Get your waves as much as you can. We happy to share it with you.