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Nyanyi Beach Bali

Nyanyi BeachNyanyi Beach is located at Beraban village, Kediri district, Bali- Indonesia. Nyanyi beach is quite unique beach, Nyanyi Beach ( singing Beach). the terms ‘singing’ refers to the chanting song, or someone who said poetry in a beautiful shape. but it turns out the origins of the naming of the beach is not because there are people who sing and much more, but because of its position in the hamlet just singing. So to make easier to remember this beach them named the same as the name of the hamlet. Black sandy beach, will look shiny when exposed to sunlight touches that make every one feel like at home visiting Likewise, the great waves of foreign tourists often make a hobby of surfing on the beach.

The atmosphere of the beach is still beautiful and natural as well as far from vehicles . During in the afternoon, mostly a lot of local come to visit the beach, They are playing soccer, sitting in the grass, watching sunset, running, swimming, or other activities on a beach. This beach is good for picnic during the afternoon, because the atmosphere its silent, and around 500 meters black sandy beach

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