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Bali Surf Lessons with Christian International School

Christian International School bases in Hongkong recently has sent their student to come to Bali arranged by Bali Group Organizer and in part of their program, we have designed the group surf lessons that was held in Kuta Beach. The group surf lessons program was perfectly designed for the young people with soft and flat swells lead by our professional surf  instructors. This activity was run successes and giving them the fantastic experience from paddling, breaking the waves until standing  up on the board. Since the group participants are big with 36 people including the teachers,we have successfully encouraged them into the exciting water activities that made the one of the most memorable experiences during their visit Bali Island.

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Bali Group Surf Lessons

We took them 2 surf sessions consisted of 18 people each stretch on the beautiful beach with proper surf theory, emphasizing on the top safety, struggling on the swell to fit up on the  board till ready to stand up. It was very enthusiast and made the great experience for them that promising to promote our surf services to their friends who will come  to Bali for the next visit.