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Fantastic Tanah Lot Surf Trips

tanah lot, bali, surf, tripsTanah Lot is a really beautiful place to visit when you enjoy your holidays in this island of God. It is well featured by the breathtaking view of a Hindu temple set on the rock and encircled by the seawater when high tide, meanwhile the spectacular sunset as a backdrop at late afternoon. Tanah Lot is also featured by the great swells, fat and powerful that is ideally for surfing adventures. It was having great day to enjoy the fantastic surf trip to this site where we have good swells with  great challenges due to the beach is fully by the rock with sharp reef underwater. We have both spots to join and each of them has specification but both are left hander.

Surfing in Wet Season

We got lucky day on our visit to this site that the weather was clear although it was wet season. Normally, when the wet season come, we could not go for surfing to this site in particular when the wind flows from the southwest that making bad swells and inconsistent. That reason why we move to the east side of Bali island like in Keramas Spots or Sanur Spots. We have completed our exciting surf adventures at Tanah Lot together with our team and do jumping from the stone cliff to get the spot directly instead of paddling down from the seashore. The swell has 2 grade quality with 2 level of difficulty that suitable for those of you to be  a beginner or experience surfers. We think that when you have completed to join the Surf Lessons in Bali, Tanah Lot Surf Spot is probably your next spot to be visited and enjoy your fun day surf trips. But again, since the spot has specific characteristic area including safety, we recommend you to take an expert surf company to guide you there.

Tanah Lot Surf Trips Photos

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