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Bali Best Season for Surf Lessons

Bali Island is a beautiful island completely provides tourist attractions that you can easily meet. Surfing is one of the favorite water activities that most tourist want to join beside of white water rafting, water sport in Tanjung Benoa and cruise to Lembongan Island. The island is well blessed by many surf spots with exotic panorama where many surfers come and go for surfing every day. For those of you who never been going for surfing or still on beginner level, do not worry that Bali Island several spots to go includes Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, Balangan Beach and Serangan Beach.

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Surf Lessons at Kuta Beach

Best Seasons

Bali Surf Lessons

Bali Surf Lessons

Since Bali is situated in the Indonesian archipelagos with tropical atmosphere, the island only two season those are wet and dry season. Wet season is started from October until March and dry season is started from April to September. As we know that the climate global change that effect to the weather in the world, Bali also got such effects where sometime the season move. Normally, the best season for surf lessons in Bali is April until September where the wind flows from the southeast to the North West. During this season, we will find the great swells for surfing which is not only for professional but good also for beginner.

Where to Go for Surf Lessons?

There are couples of good surf spots for surf lesson like Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, Batu Bolong Beach and Balangan Beach where those you may experience and of course you need the professional surf instructor to lead you there. You need to contact local surf company like Bali Surf Advisor where they will lead you trip to experience the great seawater activities. Each of surf spot has specific beach characteristic and here the instructor will give you the right way to go.

Ready to go for Surfing? Let’s get ready for wet and enjoy your fantastic day through Surf Lessons in Paradise Island of Bali…