Bali Surf Lessons


Bali Surf Lesson is a great experience on sea water adventure to break the wave with first step level until complete your fun surfing adventures in the paradise island of Bali. Our surf lesson will encourage you how to learn surfing well, safety and surf awareness. Our professional local surf instructor will teach you from beginning of step to understanding of board characteristic, paddling, positioning and standing up well. On step forward, we will take you into the water for practice and experience the greatest water adventures in this planet. We will remove your doubt from the challenges and proof it with the fantastic experiences on your vacation in this island of God.

Surf Schools

Bali Surf School or Surf Lesson is tailored designed to fit your own skill and goals. We are proud to arrange your surf school for couple of days to meet your best time of vacation in Bali and much experience on the water with different wave’s characteristic those are all full of fun. Our surf lesson package is covering of hotel transfers, surf board rental, professional surf instructors, surf theories and surf experiences. Let’s go for surfing…

Palm Tree, paradise1 – DAY SURF LESSONS
surf lessonsWe provide an exciting surf lesson program to encourage you to the fantastic surf experience from paddling, break the waves, safety until standing on board. Let’s go for surfing and more details.
Palm Tree, paradise2 – DAY SURF LESSONS
bali, surf lessonsIt is a fantastic surf lesson programs to encourage you to the exciting experience to learn of surf which is lead by our professional and friendly surf instructors. The surf lesson will take you 2 days and more details…
Palm Tree, paradise3 – DAY SURF LESSONS
bali, surf lessonsIt is an ideal surf lesson programs to keep stable your standing on board and enjoy the fun surfing lead by our professional surf instructors. Getting fun experiences on water and more..
Palm Tree, paradise4 – DAY SURF LESSONS
bali, surf lessonsIt is a complete surf lesson program from the first step of surf includes theory, safety, knowledge, board typical, swell type, condition and much more. It is an ideal to getting step you surf skills and more details…
Palm Tree, paradiseKID SURF LESSONS
We are proud to provide surf lessons for kids with top safety bases to encourage them into the fun surf experiences. Our professional surf instructors will out standing offer the best services with 100% top safety record. Getting more details HERE..
bali, kid, surf lessons

Kid Surf Lessons