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Bali Surf Advisor is proud to provide information about travel tips for you who wish to visit Indonesia including Bali. These travel tips have been summarized objectively and thoroughly to facilitate our customer to interact with Indonesian Government Officials and local communities including Balinese, communicate with Indonesian or Balinese people, to understand the local cultures and custom, immigration documents before entering Indonesia or Bali. These travel tips are also providing the implicit information about the important thinks you should know such as emergency rescue contact number, Indonesia VISA, passport, languages, currency and a lot of more.

Balinese Cultures

Thinks You Should Know


passportVISA and Passport are the important documents you must prepare before entering the territory of Indonesia through International Airport or harbor. We provide some tips and information about Visa and Passport requirements that you have to know HERE.


Bali, Indonesia, Airport TaxFor those foreign nationals outside of Indonesia that you must complete your travel documents in particular the official passport issued by the competent authority of your country. The airport tax change is variety and you can find the common airport tax valid in Bali here.


Bali, Time, ClockBali Time Zone is GMT + 8 hours and it is similar with other regions in Indonesia like Makasar and all regions in central of Indonesia archipelagos. Bali is located in the middle of Indonesian Time Zone and you can find more complete page about Bali Time.


CurrencyIndonesian Currency is Rupiah (Rp) and consisted of several banknotes and coins that you have to understand of use. We provide the complete information about Indonesia Currency where you can find details HERE.


Money ChangerMoney changer is an important think that you should know when you are in Bali or other regions in Indonesia because it is very vital think where you should change your money properly. We provides some tips of money change in Bali and other regions in Indonesia to avoid the inconvenience experience HERE.


credit card, VISAMajor credit card can be accepted in all trade in Indonesia such as hotels, spa, restaurants and some shops. The following credit cards are common accepted in Indonesia including Bali Island is VISA, Master, JCB and AMEX. Please find more details about credit card are accepted in Indonesia Market HERE.


licenseFor those all of you want to drive a vehicle in Bali or other regions in Indonesia, you must complete your self with International Driving License a key condition to drive the vehicle in this country. You must obey all traffic rules and Bali as a tourist destination has provided many vehicles in form of motor cycles and cars that can be hired easily.


Motorbike, BaliYou can easily get around in Bali Island with motorbike or car which you can rent at the vehicle rental corner in every tourist place in Bali. We provides some tips if you wish get around in Bali especially for you who use the motorbike or car rental and must obey all traffic rules in Indonesia including Bali HERE.


LanguageThe official language prevailing in Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia where every citizen has eloquently said even though in some areas are not yet because the local languages are strongly influence. We provide some simple words that you can learn and practice HERE.


Thing not doBali is located in Indonesia Archipelagos own the unique cultures even sometime rare and may seem strange for you but it is more wise that we need to address cultural diversity. There are some etiquette that you need notice and respect when you are in this island and more.

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