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Things Should Do and Not Do
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Bali Island is a small island located in Indonesia archipelagos that own the unique cultures and very strong customs. As the eastern country, Balinese life is well known for its hospitality with charming smiles and fully appreciates of brotherhood sense.  Familiarity among the Balinese resident has been popular where that are mostly embracing the Hinduism that is reflected in their social life. The etiquettes in the association or mingle with Balinese people is the key point that you need to pay attention. There are unwritten custom rules called Awig-awing that most respected by the Balinese in this island that force their social life. On this page, we provide some tips for you about the Balinese etiquettes that you have to respect when visiting this island, so you will understand what you should do and what you should not do.

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What You Should Not Do?

We provide some tips when you trips to Bali and you should not do the following things:

  • Should not doTouching someone’s head or punch someone’s head

  • Raising your leg on the table

  • Wearing only underwear or immodest clothing at the formal event or religious ceremony

  • Deliberately kicked the offerings that are placed by the Balinese on the floor

  • Drive through during the ceremonial procession unless has been allowed

  • Roughly speaking or cursing in the public area

  • Do not give away or priority group of religious ceremony in the public road

  • Driving vehicle recklessly on the highway, especially in the rural or public area
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