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Bali Money Changers
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Money Changer is an important think that you should know when you are in Bali or other regions in Indonesia because it is very vital think where you should change your money properly. We provides some tips of money change in Bali and other regions in Indonesia to avoid the inconvenience occur during your visit to the island or Indonesia. There are some bad comments against the naughty money changer that has cheated the guest and therefore we provide some tips to avoid them.

Indonesia Money, Rupiah

Money Exchange at Money Changer

The following tips to exchange your money at local money changers as below:
  • Please prepare and bring your own calculator to account the sum of money exchange that you have done
  • Please check the bank current exchange rates through online, where you can check it at BCA, Permata Bank, BNI etc. Please noted that those rates are just for comparison and cannot be used as a reference of exchange money at money changer
  • Please check and compare the rates are established at the board with your own data
  • Please calculate your money against the current exchange rate with your own calculator
  • Please ensure to the money changer staff that no any commission and cheating made on the transaction
  • Please account your money correctly in front of money changer staff
  • Please account back the sum of your exchange money in front of the money changer staff before put it in your wallet or pocket or bag. If the total money is less, then you must ask to the staff the rest of your money otherwise report to the local police immediately
  • Ask the recommendation to your tour guide about the well and real authorized money changer
  • We recommend you to change your money at local bank or hotel front desk cashier where usually they accept the money exchange

Ilegal Money Changer

Some of Money Changers in Bali are spread out in the tourist places have been done their own business illegally, therefore please be careful and pay attention to this matter. They do this business to make some money instantly with a variety of illegal ways therefore we pleased to give your some tips to avoid such money changers and never visit this company as follows:
  • This bad money changer usually rent a room/shop or some time stand with a small table in front of shop.
  • The staffs of money changer are not well grooming and not use the formal uniform. But they are very friendly as a trick. They consisted of 2 people even more but some time only one person.
  • This money changer put the stand board beside of road mentioning the rate table with far higher than the local bank rates
  • They establish the high rate than the local bank rates to attract tourist to visit their counter
    The counter/desk is very high that not leave us the opportunity to see what they are doing behind of desk
  • Usually one staff account your money meanwhile the other are so friendly invite you to talk about anything useless conversation until you are leak of concentration
  • They use their own calculator to account your money where it calculator has been set with the certain nominal number to cheat you, therefore please use your own calculator and compare it.
  • The staff usually account your money by spreading out on the table and invite you to check together to confirm that the total of money are correct. One it is correct, they will collect your money but one of their fingers will kick some moneys and drop to a desk drawer that has been wide open. The table is usually use with high size where you can not see what the staff hand doing behind of table.
  • This money changer are usually put the label of Authorized Money Changer on their rate board or company name board but actually not
  • Once they have successes stolen your money, they will close the shop immediately and open again in few hours even the day after. When you return to claim your money, the previous staffs are not available.
  • If you are lucky, you will meet the same staff and you can ask them but again they not feel guilty

What to Do?

Here below is what to do if you got such experience when exchange your money:
  • Report to the nearest police station or when you meet the police on the way, you may stop them and ask to solve your problem.
  • Ask your hotel security to come together to the money changer and get the money back
  • All the above actions will be reported to the competent people to take the proper action and avoid such experience will not happened again in the future
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