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Languages, coursesIndonesia is a big country with more than thousand island spread out within Indonesian archipelagos and geographically, the island is surrounded by the sea. Each of island or region owns separate local language where it used to communicate among the people within the region or island hence Indonesia is very rich of languages. The national language is called Bahasa Indonesia as compulsory for all people to communicate in formal national forum. Bali is also own separate local language called Bahasa Bali (Bahasa means language). It language is come from Java Island spread out in the old kingdom era. On this page, we are proud to provide a sort course for you that you can practice when you are holiday in Bali or other regions in Indonesia.

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Bali Indonesia English

Om Swastiastu
Rahajeng Semeng
Rahajeng Sanja
Rahajeng Wengi

Semoga dalam keadaan selamat
Selamat Pagi
Selamat Sore
Selamat Malam

May the survivors
Good morning
Good afternoon
Good evening
Sapunapi gatrane? Apa kabar? How are you?
Sire pesengan jerone? Siapa nama anda? What is your name?
Suksema Terimakasih Thank you
Jero lakar lunge kije? Anda mau kemana? Where are you going?
Ring dije? Dimana? Where?
Sire? Siapa? Who?
Buin pidan? Kapan? When?
Punapi? Kenapa? Why?
Punapi? Apa? What?
Aji kude hargane niki? Berapa harganya ini? How much it is cost?
Dados tiang tawah? Boleh Saya tawar? Can I bergain?
Kudang sue lamane? Berapa lama? How long? (time)
Uling pidan? Dari kapan? From when?
Ring dije genah ATM sane nampek iriki? Dimana letak ATM yang terdekat disini? Where the closest ATM located is?
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