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Bali Indonesia Times
Travel Information

Indonesia is a beautiful country consisted of more than a thousand of island spread out within Indonesia archipelagos where the Bali Island existing inside. Indonesia is a big country where most of the regions are consisted of sea from the west in Sabang (Sumatra Island until Merauke (Papua). Geographically, Indonesia is the tropical country own three different time zones those are West Indonesia Time, Middle Indonesia Time and East Indonesia Time. Bali Island is located in the middle Indonesia Time zone together with other regions like Sulawesi, Lombok and others.

Bali Times

Here below the three Indonesia time zones as follows:

  • West Indonesia Time Zone (WIB or Waktu Indonesia Bagian Barat) is GWT + 7 hours

  • Middle Indonesia Time Zones (WITA or Waktu Indonesia Bagian Tengah) is GWT + 8 hours

  • East Indonesia Time Zones (WIT or Waktu Indonesia Bagian Timur) is GWT + 9 hours


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