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Indonesian Embassy Office
for Kyrgyzstan

Indonesia Flag, Country, SymbolKyrgyzstan, Flag, Country, StateIndonesian Embassy or Consulate for Kyrgyzstan is a diplomatic representative corps of Indonesian State that is appointed in Taskhent, Uzbekistan to maintain good diplomatic relationship between Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan. Both of these corps are dealing with the formal diplomatic relation with the representative of state where the Indonesian Embassy/consulate office is located. In addition, both of this corps is also serving every citizen from Indonesia or foreign countries for travel document arrangements to or from Indonesia. Bali Surf Advisor has provided the information about Indonesia Embassy/Consulate/High Commission Office for Kyrgyzstan which you can discover on this page. We only serve to provide the information about the Indonesia/Consulate office and not arrange any matter related to this corps. If you wish to arrange your own travel documents or any formal diplomatic matters, we recommend you to contact the Indonesia Embassy/Consulate Office that is located close to your place.

Note: We are Bali Star Island provide the information about Indonesian Embassy Office ONLY and do not take care all the business of Indonesian Embassy. If you wish to contact the Indonesian Office for Kyrgyzstan, please contact them at the below address details. Or you can contact Indonesian Embassy Office in Jakarta at

Indonesian Embassy / Consulate / High Commission Office for Kyrgyzstan

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
Ambassador : ----
Address : Yahyo Gulamov 73 (P.O.Box 210 Taskhent), 700000 Taskhent, Uzbekistan
Phone : (+998-71) 1320236, 1320237, 1320238, 1321276
Fax : (+998-71) 1206540, 1330513
Email :
Website :

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