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Bali Indonesia Rupiah Currency - Travel Information

Bali Indonesia Currency
Travel Information

Rupiahcurrency, dollarThe Indonesian currency is called Rupiah and the currency that can be accepted by the market in Indonesia are consisted of the currencies from the country that have a lot of trade with Indonesia such as United Kingdom, United State, most countries in Europe, Australia and some of the countries in Asia.


For those of you who carry the American Dollar to Indonesia, it helps you to pay attention to this currency tips because there are no real rules apply in the Indonesia market against the US Dollar and could affect the dollar that you have brought are not accepted. The following American Dollar are not accepted currently at the Indonesian Market including bank as follows:

  • Series Number with CB and DB code are not accepted
  • Year making is lowest than 2004 are not accepted
  • Money where there is its streak / illegally written/in a state of tearing/ its picture in looked to be turn tail is not accepted

American Dollar, Not Valid

Indonesia Rupiah

Here below the Indonesia Currency in form of coin valid in the market as follows:

Indonesia Money, Coins

The following Indonesia Banknotes are valid in the market as below:

Indonesia Banknotes

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