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Getting Around in Bali
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Traveling in the island of Bali with your own vehicle is very easy thing to do but you must know and obey all traffic rules in this country. You can easily find the places of interest or the famous places in Bali Island because Bali owns the simple road and good access where you can check it out on Bali Map. Beside of that, you do traveling in the area with the friendly local community that allow you to ask them about the places that you are looking for. The Balinese people will feel happy to answer your question with their special friendly smile and show the direction where you should go. Most of the Balinese people are understanding and able to communicate in English event though not fluent yet but it will help and facilitate you on your journey.

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Bali Traffics

Traffics in Bali and other region in Indonesia are quite busy therefore we recommend you when you drive your vehicle must full pay attention. Since Bali Island is a small island, there is no any big road available that accommodate the vehicles that force us to be seriously careful during on the road. For those of you want to drive a motorbike, the safety equipment must well used to protect you from any accident. Helmet is absolutely used for every trips done by motorbike.

Standard Helmets are Accepted for All Traffics in Bali

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The following helmets are not accepted for all traffics in Bali

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