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Bali Island is a beautiful island blessed by the unique local cultures, hospitality of the people, strong customs, religions and stunning panoramas. From this fact, Bali has a very strong appeal for everyone to visit the island and make this island as the most tourist destinations in the world. Bali Island also featured by the complete tourist facilities, attractions and recreations that definitely make this island as the best holiday destinations. Bali Surf Advisor is now presenting to provide complete and comprehensive range of the information about Bali in a single site that will bring you the knowledge of the island of god in paradise.
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All About Bali

Bali, Icon About the Island
We provide you the complete information about Bali Island involving Balinese People, Cultures, Geography, Religion, Etiquette and Concept of Life
Bali, Icon Bali Travel Tips
It is a constructive and importance information that every visitor must well knows and understands what to do in Bali before visiting the Island. Please find more details.
Bali, Icon Foreign Conculate Office
We provide the comprehensive range of foreign consulate office in Bali for your further references to contact your local counselor.  Please find out here for details.
Bali, Icon Indonesian Embassy Office
We are proud to provide information about the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate Office in all over the world. It will help you contact them for your travel documents arrangements.
Bali, Icon Hospital and Emergency Rescue
It is important information for you to find the Hospital Phone Number or Emergency Rescue Phone Number in Bali. So, please discover the details here.
Bali, Icon Shopping Places
It is complete information of the best shopping place that we recommend you in Bali to facilitate you to find the souvenir to bring home. Please find for more details HERE.
Bali, Icon Bar and Restaurant
Your dine venues are easily found here on our Bars and Restaurant Recommendation Page which is spread out through the tourist places and tourist destination in Bali.
Bali, Icon Map of Bali
Map of Bali describes the details of map about the island and tourist places based on the regions. It is tourist map to guide you to find venues, address or location.
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