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If your website related to Surfing, Adventures, Hotels, Tours, Golf, Airline and all about travel business and interest to do the link exchange with our website, please kindly complete the Link Exchange Form below.

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Bali Surf Advisor Links Exchange Terms and Conditions

Before you submit the link exchange request through our form, please kindly review the following terms and conditions as follows:
  1. You must fill the link exchange form correctly and completely otherwise it will not be confirmed
  2. We only reserve the link exchange with the same website categories where the has dedicated in travel business. If you have website contents relating to the travels comprises surfing, hotels, tours, adventures, spa, tourist attractions, airline etc, we will consider to confirm your request otherwise it will be ignored
  3. Your website should has been appointed in the Google page ranking 3/10 on your main page otherwise it will be not confirmed
  4. We only reserve two ways link exchange without delegating to the third website that mean the website we will link to, must do the link back to our website and not from other websites
  5. The link back page must be not far from the main page by maximum from the third page otherwise will be not confirmed
  6. The link back on the page must be on the top number of website list probably in the frame number of 1 - 10
  7. Once the link exchange is confirmed, you are absolutely request to keep our website link back otherwise we will take the necessary action toward our link to your website
  8. We will gradually control the link exchange that we have confirmed.

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