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Booking Guideline
How To Book

Bali Surf Advisor has provided the Booking Form where you can make the reservation of all our products online. We also provide the opportunities for you to make the reservations by phone where you can contact our hotline number at +62-81337888700. To ensure that you have blocked the spaces, we recommend you to book online in advance.

Booking Online

We provide the way to make the reservation online as follows:
  1. Fill the reservation form correctly and follow it as the order mentioned.
  2. Type your first name correctly.
  3. Type your Last name correctly.
  4. Choose your initial correctly
  5. Type your email address correctly including on the alternative email column.
  6. Type your phone number correctly, if there a mobile phone then it will be very helpful to contact you at anytime.
  7. Type your facsimile number correctly
  8. Type your nationality correctly
When filling the reservation data, you perform the following steps:
  1. Choose the activities that you need.
  2. Determine the date when you want to do the activities.
  3. Type the name of your hotel in Bali or where you stay in Bali at the time of activity.
  4. Type the number of participants correctly.
  5. Type the pick up point that you need.
  6. Type you request when any special request that you want.
  7. Click Submit Button to declare that you have agreed or Cancel Button if you declare not agree.
  8. In the next screen you will be informed again about your reservation and then you click CONFIRM / OK to finish the process.
  9. Reservation DONE.
Once the reservation form has been filled completely, we will receive your reservation through email and our team will process your reservation within 24 hours. We will provide the response of your reservation as soon as possible through email or telephone weather your reservation can be confirmed or not. When your reservation is confirmed, then we will provide the detail confirmation including the terms and conditions and cancellation policy.
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