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Western Union
Western Union
Method of Payment

Bali Surf Advisor provides the best option in financial transaction with our company. We suggest you to use the Western Union if you want to do the payment by money transfer. The payment through Western Union is a safe method of payment, fast and easy for you to process it. The payment through Western Union will be applied by the terms and conditions that have been determined.

Payment through Western Union Terms and Conditions:

  • Transaction through Western Union can be done by your own currency, however we only able to receive it in Rupiah, the Indonesian currency.
  • We will give you the invoice with the amount of Rupiah that has been converted by our company exchange rate.
  • We only able to receive the total amount stated on our invoice and if there are any other charges occur cause of transfer fee and fluctuation exchange rate will be your liability.
  • After the transaction has been completed, we strongly require MTCN code (Money Transfer Control Number) that has been produced by Western Union at your places of transaction.

How to pay through Western Union?

  1. Please go to the local Western Union Agent nearby from your place.
  2. Please ensure that you have brought the following  data as follows:
    • The receiver’s location : (our location in Bali, Indonesia)
    • Your identification
    • Cash money
  3. Please complete the Western Union Form:
    • Write down the name of person who receives your money here.
    • Write down the total amount correctly based on our invoice.
    • Write down city and country where your money will be picked up. Our City is Bali and country is Indonesia.
  4. Please present your ID to the present clerk including the following data:
    1. Your complete form
    2. Your government issued ID (if applicable)
    3. Payment including fee
  5. Once your payment has been completed, you will get the MTCN Code from your Western Union Agent.
  6. Please send your MTCN Code to our email address:
  7. Congratulation! Your payment has been done.
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