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Bali Surf Advisor Company General Policy

General Terms and Conditions


  1. All surfing activities are fully operated by Bali Surf Advisor  supported by professional team from reservation until the end of services.
  2. The online reservation of other adventures, hotels, spa and other tourist attractions through Bali Surf Advisor will be operated by the company concern.
  3. All services offered are legal including reservation, quoting selling rates, publishing rate, transaction via internet, banking or other ways determined by Bali Surf Avdvisor.
  4. Bali Surf Advisor is fully responsible for our services. Responsibility is taken for all reservations made through Bali Surf Advisor’s website and payment made from and for its services. Bali Surf Advisor is NOT responsible for services provided by hotel, adventure, spa and other activities chosen direct by clients.
  5. Bali Surf Advisor guarantee that you will have the quality of services from adventure, spa, tours, hotels and other activities are stated in our website. The qualities of services are fully depended on prestige of its company and they shall be fully responsible for its services to you and your clients.
  6. otel rental rates are quoted by is on per room and per night basis or based on the package rates and strictly valid if you book directly to only.
  7. Adventure, other activities and tours are on per person per service or based on the package rates and strictly valid if you book directly to Bali Surf Advisor only.
  8. Government tax and service are absolutely added on the rate in accordance with the Indonesian Government laws.
  9. If your hotel, adventure, other activities and tours are not on our site, please supply us with details of the reference and we can follow up for you.
  10. Please be aware of some Hotels that have seasonal surcharges, Compulsory Dinner on the respective High Season and please read respective conditions carefully before making reservation in order to avoid any misunderstanding of rates and services.
  11. These rates are applicable only when reservation is made through Bali Surf Advisor. If you cannot find out the rate that you looking for, please contact us for more and detail information.
  12. All of the rates on Bali Surf Advisor’s website may change without prior notice.

Process of Booking

  1. The booking can be made through online, fax or telephone.
  2. For booking online, you must complete our booking form and follow the process or send your booking request direct to our email address
  3. If you want to send the booking through fax, please send it to our fax number.
    Your reservation will received by our team and then it will be proceeded until to meet the confirmation.
  4. If you book our surfing product, you will get the confirmation in immediate response, however if you book the service of one of our vendors like other adventures, hotels, spa and other will take a little bit time to process it until we got the confirmation.
  5. After we got the confirmation, we will response your email whether your booking is confirmed or not.
  6. If the booking is confirmed, we will inform you the details including terms and conditions, rates, invoice, cancellation and other information
  7. Please see more details how to book the service online or if you wish to cancel the booking, here is the details.


  1. Every reservation is made through Bali Surf Advisor, the advance payment will be required to secure the booking.
  2. Payment can be made through online, bank transfer, money transfer or cash.
  3. Please find out the detail how to pay your invoice at Bali Surf Advisor.
  4. In case of no any payments are made after the booking confirmation or the determine date, your booking will be released automatically from our system.


  1. All rates on are quoted in US Dollars, however incase of payment made by credit card directly on the spot, the local bank regulations will be definitely executed that all charges are made in Indonesian Rupiah Currency which are previously converted with the current exchange rates applied by Indonesian banks for selling US Dollars on day of debit.
  2. You can settle the payment by CASH credit card with additional fee for Amex (+3%) / VISA (+3%) / Master (+3%) valid for the booking made on spot and do not valid for online booking
  3. We do not receive cash in US Dollar currency with the certain series or year making.
    Any subsequent refunds will be based on the amount and currency actually received by Bali Surf Advisor Although you may "lose" 2% to 4% because of these currency conversions.
  4. Payment by credit card gives you valuable safeguards: in the unlikely case that anything should go incorrectly and you have a justified claim, you can always request a refund through your credit card company.
  5. The fact that Bali Surf Advisor’s charges are processed by all major credit card companies demonstrates good track record. All credit card issuers would refuse to do business with Bali Surf Advisor if this would create any problems for them.
  6. TRUST and SECURITY are the keys to success of an online shopping portal. Once these two are breached, our reputation will be severely damaged. Bali Surf Advisor’s believe good customer relationship is more important than money, therefore we strive to achieve and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.


  1. Difference in personal statement balances can occur and are due to the fluctuations with the Indonesian Rupiah and bank processing time. Bali Surf Advisor can not hold the responsibility for these differences.
  2. If you wish to make payment via Bank Transfer, we will offer you with our bank account therefore please feel free to contact us for more information


  1. Each of company as a vendor of Bali Surf Advisor or the company work relationship with us has produced their cancellation and no show policy according with their company regulation.
  2. Bali Surf Advisor will notify the cancellation and no show policies in every confirmation made those are all must be complied.


  1. Surfing activities is fun and exciting activities on the seawater with big risk and providing big challenge for everyone, therefore we recommend you to prepare your self before starting the activities.
  2. If there is any damage of our surfboard when used by our costumer, the damage fee will be charged to the customer directly in amount of the statement agreed.


  1. Bali Surf Advisor currently does not provide International Airfares service from your country to Bali and vise versa. It commonly all of the International Airfares including traveling within in Indonesia via Local Airfares are providing the insurance that cover you during your journey via airfare.
  2. Customers of Bali Surf Advisor who book surfing activities are not insured against accidental death and disablement, however if the customers book the other adventures activities then the insurance will be the adventure company concern liability.
  3. The total amount of insurance cover for other adventures will be subject to the company concern. Since the surfing activities are not covered for insurance yet, we suggest you to take your own insurance at your country to cover your journey
As we communicate mostly through email, please make sure your email address is correct or in case we need your telephone or facsimile as communication is not always reliable, please supply us.

Bali Surf Advisor in cooperation with associated hotels, tours, adventures, spa, golf and other partner business act only as an agent for respective of hotels, suppliers and/or contractors who providing accommodations, transportation, tours, adventures, spa, golf and other services. Under no circumstances, Bali Surf Advisor will not be responsible for any loss, expense, damage, claims or injury direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise whatsoever, however caused or incurred whether arising in contract or otherwise in law or equity as a result of rendering of the services or hotels described including, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, as a result of any delay, substitution, rescheduling, overbooking, other inconveniences to the client, through acts of default of any company or person engaged in carrying out arrangements, or by reason of military action, acts of war, national disturbances, revolution or acts of God, or by any other act not within the control of Bali Surf Advisor, or by any agents, employees, subcontractors, servants or third parties whatsoever supplying any of the services or hotel herein. If any activities and/or services are substituted, Bali Surf Advisor at all times will act in good faith and use its best efforts to substitute with accommodations and/or services of a type comparable to those originally contracted. Bali Surf Advisor in their sole and unfettered discretion reserves the right to refuse or discontinue service to any person and/or to rescind and contract for accommodations or services.
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