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Method of Payment

Bali Surf Advisor offer the flexibility the method of payment to settle our invoice where you can do it through online, money transfer or cash when arrive in Bali. We provide the opportunity to choose one of the best way of transactions, easiest, fast and secure so you can save your time, not convoluted and can do at anytime. For the transaction through online, we recommend you to do via Paypal, meanwhile the transaction through money transfer then we can suggest you to use Western Union. Cash can be accepted when you arrive in Bali in form of Rupiah, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, SIN Dollar, EURO and YEN.

Method of Payment

Paypal Logo

Paypal is the easiest way to conduct the transactions through online where you can access their website ( or follow our link page here. You can use your credit card or travel checks with the terms and conditions are applied. The payment through Paypal is very fast, simple, easy and secure. You can do transactions through online and anytime you want. Please see more detail the guideline how to pay via Paypal HERE .

Western Union

Money transfer through Western Union is the easiest way you can do where you can transfer the money to us in no time. Western Union is very easy to be found at your country as well as in Bali. In the transaction through this way, we will receive the money in form of Rupiah, so all cost occur in the transaction, as a fee will be your liability. Please see more details the terms and conditions of the transaction through Western Unuin HERE.

We can accept the cash in form of Rupiah, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, SIN Dollar, EURO and YEN. The payment by cash can be done when you make the reservation in Bali in the area that we can reach you. When you make the early reservation and need the advance payment to secure your booking then the cash payment can not be accepted. Please ensure that your cash money in particular to US Dollar is meeting to the Indonesia General Transaction that we have stated on our Travel Tips.
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