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Adventure activities are the most favorite activities for tourist in Bali where they can enjoy the challenge in every adventure. Bali Surf Advisor is proud to offer some exciting adventures activities that become the primary choice for the tourist on their holidays in this island of god. We invite you to try to enjoy the horrendous adventure and make your experiences are not easy to be forgotten.

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Bali Adventures

Bali Island is a very popular island as a tourist destination in the world with complete tourist activities. You will easily find the wide range of activities for tourists and Bali Surf Advisor is proud to offer the complete adventures activities that you are looking for. We provide reservation to the best adventure activities with the ensured quality services from the well establish adventure companies that have been cooperating with us who will bring you to the exciting experiences. The favorite adventure activities in Bali is involving White Water Rafting, Cycling, Horse Riding, Elephant Safari Ride, Marine Walk, Marine Sport, Diving, Fishing, Cruises, ATV and Buggy Riding.

Adventures Choice of Adventure Activities

Adventures White Water Rafting
Bali, rafting, AdventuresWhite Water Rafting an adventure activity in the river to explore the beautiful river with 3 rapids level that will bring you to the exciting experiences and more..
Adventures Cycling
Bali, Cycling, AdventuresIt is an exciting adventure to explore the atmosphere of countryside, rice paddy or mountain. We offer you several option of cycling to meet your expectation and more..
Adventures Horse Riding
Bali, Horse Riding, AdventuresHorse Riding is an adventure of riding a horse to explore the black sandy beach with beautiful panorama of Indian Ocean. Several stables are available, and more...
Adventures Elephant Safari Ride
Bali, Elephant, Safari, RideIt is a fantastic adventure to ride the Sumatra’s Elephant to explore the elephant park or camp with stunning view and rural atmosphere. More details...
Adventures Marine Walk
Bali, Sea, WalkerMarine Walk is a walk adventure under the sea using safety helmet supplied by the fresh air so you can breathe freely and see the beautiful color fish and coral reef.
Adventures Marine Sport
Bali, Jet Ski, Marine, SportMarine Sport is the exciting sport activities on the beach with several activities like snorkeling, parasailing, banana boat, fly fish, jet ski and more...
Adventures Diving
Bali, DivingIt is a fantastic adventure of underwater to discover the beautiful color fish and coral reef. We offer several diving activities including dive course. More...
Adventures Fishing
Bali, FishingIt is the exciting activities to catch the fish in the ocean of south Bali. It will give you the wonderful experiences use both ways of fishing those are coral and trawling fishing.
Adventures Cruises
Bali Hai cruiseThe Cruise will bring you to the exciting experience to explore the Bali Strait and Lembongan Island with attractive cruise activities and BBQ lunches.
Adventures ATV and Buggy Riding
Bali, ATV, Buggy, RidingWe invite you to drive a special vehicle like ATV and Buggy in the wild nature that will give you a big challenge while enjoy the beautiful panorama surrounding area.

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